From leisurely breakfasts of the finest pastries, fresh fruit and cold pressed juices to light luncheons and divine gourmet dinners featuring the freshest local ingredients, each meal aboard Victoria del Mar is designed to be memorable. Our executive chef will work with each guest to take into account dietary preferences and restrictions, and each menu is carefully planned to coordinate perfectly with the areas visited during your charter.

  • Local fruit salad
  • Fresh French pastries
  • Blueberry ricotta pancakes
  • Honey oat bran muffins (sugar and fat-free)
  • Salmon pesto omelet
  • Any egg preparation on request
  • Rocket salad with figs, goat cheese and pine nuts
  • Grilled tiger prawns
  • Young potato avocado salad
  • Lemon and sage marinated chicken kebabs
  • Fresh peaches with peach sorbet
  • Sautéed bay scallops on fine cucumber salad and lemon ginger vinaigrette
  • Grilled veal medallions on green summer vegetables and crispy roasted polenta
  • Yogurt mint sorbet and vanilla poached pear
  • Local fruit salad
  • Fresh French pastries
  • Mixed berry muffins
  • Egg-white omelet with tomato spinach and feta
  • Any egg preparation on request
  • Boat-made 5-cereal bread
  • Chilled cucumber dill soup
  • Roasted loin of pork with apricots
  • Grilled salmon skewers
  • Oven roasted pomodoro tomatoes
  • Spicy leafs salad with bleu cheese and apple
  • Cocktail of chilled melon pearls
  • Mesclun salad with lobster and foi gras
  • Turbot filled in truffled Spanish tomato sauce with haricot vert and fennel
  • Trio of dried fruit baklava with raspberry sauce
  • Platter of local fruit
  • Fresh French pastries
  • Muesli raisin pancakes
  • Apple carrot cinnamon oat bran muffins (low fat and sugar-free)
  • Eggs benedict
  • Fresh baked walnut spelt bread
  • Steamed scampi
  • Marinated roasted vegetables
  • Greek salad
  • Red rice salad with sun dried tomatos, pine nuts scallions and balsamic
  • Grilled lamb crown with apple and rosemary
  • Fresh strawberries in Champagne sabayon
  • Seared tuna carpaccio with a fine miso dressing
  • Grilled tenderloin filet with an oriental pesto
  • Green tea and mint granita
  • Platter of local fruit
  • Fresh French pastries
  • Chocolate pancakes with cherry compote
  • Banana walnut muffins
  • Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon spinach
  • Boat-baked silk soft semolina bread
  • Buffalo mozzarella tomato and basil
  • Grilled chicken Caesar salad
  • Mixed seafood grill with saffron aioli
  • Rocket salad with green asparagus pecorino and truffle vinaigrette
  • Lemon almond polenta cake and blackberries
  • Red capsicum ginger soup with crab dumplings
  • Atlantic sea bass filet on lemon risotto and zucchini brunoise
  • Trio of homemade sorbets and their fruit
  • Fruit salad
  • Fresh French pastries
  • Strawberry shortcakes
  • White chocolate and fig muffins
  • Poached eggs, white asparagus, smoked salmon and mozzarella
  • Truffled semolina bread
  • Chilled gazpacho
  • Ricotta tortellini with fresh lobster in a chardonnay sauce
  • Penne pesto and fine sliced roasted turkey fillet
  • Crispy salad greens, cucumber brunoise and yogurt dill dressing
  • Raspberry tiramisu
  • Trio of local fish sashimi on green seaweed salad
  • Marinated black cod on forbidden rice and fine vegetable tempura
  • Lychee coconut mouse
  • Fruit salad
  • Fresh French pastries
  • Almond and maple yogurts
  • Ratatouille omelets with gruyere
  • Whole wheat French toast
  • Fresh baked brioche
  • Fresh artichokes, white wine tarragon vinaigrette
  • Roasted potatoes with pancetta and sage
  • Rillette of salmon on frisee salad and quail eggs
  • Herb crusted veal cutlets
  • Radicchio salad with blue cheese and grapes
  • Tarte tatin, vanilla ice cream
  • Pan-fried goat cheese on young spinach salad with mixed nuts and honey dressing
  • Sautéed duck fillet with pommes gratin and blackberry sauce
  • Orange dessert (red wine-poached orange, orange sorbet and orange confit)
  • Fresh fruit plate
  • Fresh French pastries
  • Belgium waffles with fresh strawberries
  • Banana oat bran muffins (sugar and fat-free)
  • Any egg preparation on demand
  • Chilled Gazpacho
  • Focaccia mozzarella tomato and basil
  • Focaccia, sliced tenderloin, parmesan and pesto
  • Mixed leaf salad with mozzarella, mint, peach and prosciutto
  • Roasted lamb kebabs and salsa verde
  • Fresh figs with ricotta
  • Cherry tomato consumme with scampi julienne
  • Roasted Guinea fowl with caramelized shallots on potato radish mash
  • Passion fruit soufflé