Karan Arya

Rotational Chief Engineer Karan Arya

Rotational Chief Engineer | India Nagpur

WORK EXPERIENCE: Karan grew up in North India where he studied Mechanical Engineering from a young age. He then went into marine engineering where he found himself working on main fleet oil tankers & Oil & Gas Vessels. After 8 years on the ocean Karan was introduced to the yachting industry. He worked onboard MY Samar for a year before recently joining VDM.
CRUISING GROUNDS: Indian Ocean, USA, South America, Mediterranean
JOB DESCRIPTION: Karan rotates with Aman as Chief Engineer and is also responsible for the maintenance and safe operation of every piece of equipment on the vessel, as well as in many cases, the structural integrity of the vessel itself. He oversees maintenance onboard.
LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Chief Engineer, STCW III/1
HOBBIES: Cycling, Reading, Travelling & Movies