Macey Koeppen

Stewardess Macey Koeppen

Stewardess | USA

PREVIOUS YACHTS: This is Macey’s first yacht!
WORK EXPERIENCE: Macey has completed an Internship at Disney, worked at a luxury wine bar, and spent multiple years in digital marketing.
CRUISING GROUNDS: Macey is new to the sea.
JOB DESCRIPTION: Works on the interior as a stewardess onboard. She works in housekeeping, food and beverage service.
LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: After receiving her degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Kentucky, Macey set out to challenge herself in the service industry and receive her certification as a level one sommelier. The yachting industry is a natural continuation of her urge to explore the world and showcase her skills in hospitality.
HOBBIES: Wine, travelling, fine dining, music.