Ricky Browne

Rotational Captain Ricky Browne

Rotational Captain | Cape Town, South Africa

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Lady Marina, M/Y Predator, M/Y Arkley, M/Y Ecstasea, M/Y St. Princess Olga, and M/Y Dream
WORK EXPERIENCE: As a highly qualified technical and recreational dive instructor Ricky worked for several years in the Red Sea as well as other locations around the world before starting his career on yachts in 2007.
CRUISING GROUNDS: Caribbean, Central America, Med & Adriatic, Indian Ocean, Middle East
LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Ricky was born and grew up in Northern Ireland before spending some time in Egypt and Australia before settling in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and daughter.
HOBBIES: In his spare time Ricky enjoys diving, sailing, surfing, skiing and a wide range of water sports.